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Lesson Study for Special Needs and Inclusive Education


What is lesson study and its relevance to field?

Lesson Study (LS) is an approach originally developed in Japan with over a century of use in teacher professional development, to examine teaching practice to improve teaching and learning.

LS is a form of professional learning through teacher enquiry in which teachers in small groups undertake collectively a cycle of ‘study-plan-do-review’ activities to improve pedagogy (knowledge and strategy) and so pupil learning and progress. The version of LS in this website has relevance to developing and adapting teaching approaches for pupils with special educational needs in different settings, both ordinary and special settings.

This is because of its review and planning focus on case pupils, that enables a fine grain analysis on the learning and teaching needs of these case pupils.

This website is a source of information about three versions of LS:

1. Lesson study to develop teaching approaches
2. Inter-professional Lesson study to develop teaching approaches
3. Lesson study for assessment

LS team members

LS purposes

Teachers Teachers and outside professional
To enhance teaching knowledge and practice 1.Lesson study to develop teaching approaches 2.Inter-professional Lesson study to develop teaching approaches
To assess learning needs 3.Lesson study for assessment