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Lesson Study for Special Needs and Inclusive Education


Lesson Study

Inter-Professional Lesson Study

Norwich et al. (2018) describes the use of lesson study (LS) in which teachers collaborate with practitioner educational psychologists (EPs) to develop their teaching knowledge and practices. This study evaluated how EPs join teachers in LS teams using working memory and other knowledge to inform the teaching of pupils with learning difficulties. The paper illustrates the potential of an inter-professional LS study to embody collaborative reflective practice to improve the teaching of pupils with learning difficulties.

Perceived LS outcome of inter-professional LS organised into 6 areas

Koutsouris, G., Norwich, B., Fujita, T., Ralph, T., Adlam, A. and Milton, F. (2017)

LS Resources


Piloting a dispersed and inter-professional Lesson Study using technology to link team members at a distance Technology, Pedagogy and Education, DOI 10.1080/1475939X.2017.1364290.

Norwich,B., Koutsouris, G., Fujita, T., Ralph, T., Adlam, A. and Milton, F. (2016)
Exploring knowledge bridging and translation in lesson study using an inter-professional team International Journal for Lesson and Learning Studies Vol. 5 No. 3, 2016 pp. 180-195

Norwich, B., Fujita, T., Adlam, A., Milton, F. and Edward-Jones, A. (2018) Lesson study: an inter-professional collaboration approach for Educational Psychologists to improve teaching and learning. Educational Psychology in Practice.